AI Consulting Services KG


Company wording: Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services KG

Corporate form: Partnership

Business purpose: Management consulting with a focus on EU AI Act compliance and GDPR compliance (incl. data protection management systems) as well as services in the field of information technology (incl. information security and AI software solutions)

Head Office: Erne-Seder-Gasse 8/1/406, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Company register number: FN 613058g

Company register court: Vienna Commercial Court

VAT identification number: ATU80361902

Chamber affiliation: Vienna Chamber of Commerce, professional organizations for Management Consulting, Accounting and Information Technology (704)

Managing Director: Gerhard Kunnert, Doctor of Law; Limited Partner: G√ľnter Wildmann, M.Sc.


Phone.: +43 681 102 33 2 44


Applicable legal provisions (access): Professional law (Sec. 5 para. 2, Sec. 8 seq, Sec. 94 Z 74, Sec. 153 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act of 1994; Source:;

Supervisory authorities: Municipal District Office for the 3rd District of Vienna; Austrian Data Protection Authority (

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