AI Consulting Services
Your EU AI Act and
GDPR Compliance
is Our Competence
Legal advisory services,
auditing and implementation
of future-proof AI systems
AI Consulting Services
Your EU AI Act and
GDPR Compliance
is Our Competence
Legal advisory services,
auditing and implementation
of future-proof AI systems
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Auditing & Compliance
We analyze your existing IT systems and company organization for compliance with the new EU AI law. We draw your attention to legal risks and show you ways to continue using your systems in a future-proof manner.
Strategic Planning
The development and use of artificial intelligence models is associated with costs and the penalties for violating the AI Act can run into the millions. We identify legal boundaries and technical and organizational requirements right from the start what is crucial to avoid resource wastage.
Fundamental Rights Impact Assessement
The ethical relevance of AI is already known. The new EU AI Act requires public bodies and certain industries that use high-risk AI systems to carry out a prior mandatory human rights analysis. We have decades of experience in such legal matters.
GDPR Compliancy
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR I DSGVO) is supplemented, but not replaced, by the provisions of the EU AI Act. As soon as AI systems use personal data, all requirements of the GDPR must also be met. We have experts who have been directly involved in the negotiations on the GPDR.
Cyber Security
Stability and security of AI systems are basic requirements. Apart from this, the new EU AI Act imposes strict requirements on general purpose AI posing systemic risks in terms of model evaluation, adversarial testing and cyber security measures. Our certified expertise in information technology ensures detection and closure of security gaps.
Compliant AI Software Solutions
85% of all data projects fail. If you want to be one of the other 15% you should fall back on our team. They have successfully completed projects for well-known clients in the biomedical, financial and professional services industry.
Real-World-Condition Testing of Innovative AI Using Regulatory Sandboxes
The EU AI Act promotes regulatory sandboxes to be established by national authorites in order to enable testing of innovative AI before placing it on the market, especially for small and medium sized companies (SMEs). We advise you on the benefits of participation and the requirements thereof.
Automation as a Means to Manage Bureaucratic Loads
Manufacturers and distributors of high risk AI systems must provide for technical documentation, operating instructions, constant monitoring and correction of errors. This can hardly be achieved without the automation of documentation generation and reporting. Ask us for solutions.
Keeping the Overview
The EU AI Act imposes extensive documentation, transparency and disclosure obligations on high risk AI manufacturers and deployers. Our consulting experience in international corporations helps you to establish appropriate report structures, audit metrics and risk & qualitity management systems.
Meet Our Core Team
  • Gerhard Kunnert
    Founder & Managing Director
    Tech-savvy lawyer (Doctor of Law) with great curiosity for future technologies. TÜV-certified Data Protection Official and Data Protection Auditor. Member of the European Data Protection Board's Support Pool of Experts. Management consultant, specialist author and speaker. Extensive experience from membership of numerous expert committees at EU level. Former Deputy Head of the Department of Data Protection at the Ministry of Justice, co-negotiator of the General Data Protection Regulation and ad hoc representative ad litem in proceedings before the European Court of Justice mostly in cases relating to data protection law and telecommunications law.
  • Günter Wildmann
    Founder & Senior Consultant
    Electrical engineer and business IT specialist (M.Sc. in Business Informatics) who started his own business already as a student. At that time he also programmed his first AI applications. Early on, he also took an interest in data protection. Today, he can look back on many years of experience as Chief Privacy Officer of an international corporation. He is Expert Witness at the Regional Court Vienna (Information Technology), a certified Information Security Officer in accordance with ISO 27001, an IAAP-certified Information Privacy Manager Technologist, a member of the European Data Protection Board's Support Pool of Experts and a specialist author and lecturer.
  • Stefan Rummer
    Head of AI Software Solutions
    Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, where he currently pursues his Master's studies in Artificial Intelligence. Having implemented AI-driven systems for Deloitte and Roland Berger, he recently established himself as a Startup and AI agency founder, at the core of Munich's AI ecosystem. As a young professional, he advises leading companies, bridging gaps between business and tech to deliver value from custom-built AI solutions, that are fully integrated with existing data systems and the people using them.
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